Technical FAQ

  • What file types are offered on Freestock?

    When you download your free asset, the file will be one of three types.

    Image downloads: JPG

    Vector downloads: EPS, JPG

    Video downloads: MP4

  • What software do I need to edit Freestock assets?

    It depends on the asset and your needs. For images, we recommend using Adobe Photoshopor Shutterstock’s free Editor application. For vectors and icons, we recommend Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. Finally, for video, we recommend Apple Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Can you help me edit or create a project with Freestock assets?

    Unfortunately, Freestock is unable to provide technical support for the processing, editing, and manipulation of our free assets.

  • What are editorial images/video?

    While most stock assets are used to promote or sell products, services, and ideas, editorial assets are traditionally utilized to illustrate a news-related story, like a political rally or red-carpet event.

  • What are vectors?

    Vector images — or vectors, as they are often called — are graphics that can be infinitely scaled without any loss of resolution or quality. Vector editing can be accomplished in applications like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, or Google SketchUp.

    Note: Vector images must be rasterized and saved as a bitmap file — JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. — before they can be used on websites or modified in many photo editing applications. VectorMagic offers a free online vector bitmap conversion service.